Hand Crafted Video

handcrafted video

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Axe of All Trades is a Multi-Disciplinary Video

Production Outfit Based in Cincinnati Ohio


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I was the kid in high school figuring out old reel to reel machines and projectors in AV club, and I've carried on that passion for technology and media to my professional career.  I'm a multi-disciplinary media hound, unabashedly wearing the "jack-of-all-trades" badge.  I'm passionate about good story telling and helping people connect through whatever means possible.  



Early on in my career most of my professional experience came from my love for music and audio production, recording local Cincinnati acts including Walk the Moon, The Young Heirlooms, and my own band Grey Host.  I've since expanded ten-fold into the world of shooting and editing video.  For years I was the head of video production at the Cincinnati Museum Center, since then I've been honing my craft working with non-profits, musicians, large companies, and freelancing for some awesome production houses.